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February 05 2018





“Without selling microtransactions on top of $60 games, the AAA games industry just cannot survive!”

“Without reasonably-priced AAA games, gamers won’t survive!”

If you don’t like what the AAA industry is putting out or how they’re pricing it, just don’t buy it. Play older games, or newer games that aren’t produced by major studios, or make your own games. Or play games around a tabletop with your friends. Or a virtual tabletop, if your friends don’t live nearby.

Or go outside and take a walk in the woods. Read a book. Write a book, or a short story, or a poem. Weave, knit, crochet, or spin. Homebrew beer, or wine, or mead. Home-distill some moonshine, and share it with those whom you love, and whom you trust not to rat you out to the tyrants of the BATF.

Go take a gun-safety and basic gun-handling class (or learn from an older relative), if you’re into first-person shooters, then go out to a shooting range (or set up a bullet-trap in the woods so you’re not leaving bits of lead everywhere, as stick a hand-drawn target on that, if you love somewhere that’s legal). Buy a gun of your own, if you’re of age, not a felon, and not mentally ill in a way that makes you a danger to yourself or others, and use and store it responsibly. Go hunting, and eat what you kill.

Take up a sport. Take up watching a sport, and throw in some statistical analysis if that’s your thing. If so, I recommend baseball (and looking into sabermetrics). Or softball if you’re willing to put some effort into compiling an adequate body of machine-and-human–readable play-by-play data for the NPF and/or NCAA, and then duplicating the analyses that went into generating the body of statistical knowledge that already exists for baseball — and if so, please, drop me a line, as this is a project that I’m hoping to get started on soon, and we should probably coordinate our efforts!

Carve wood. Split wood, and burn it for warmth. Get a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino, and build something amazing. Learn to use Linux. Learn to use OpenBSD. (Learn to use Minix, if that’s your thing.) Learn to understand some portion (or all) of the relevant source code if you’re so inclined, and fine a way to contribute.

Learn to use xv6, and to understand its source. Set up a PDP-11 emulator (or acquire, or build, (a functional of) an actual PDP-11, if you’re into hardware and have the resources) and learn to use UNIX Version 6, as presented in the Lions Book, and to understand its source. Or, if you lean a different way, get or emulate an Intel 8080 (or other compatible chip) and learn to use and modify CP/M.

Write your own operating system from scratch, but using what you’ve learned from examining existing system. The history of varies UNIX-style OSes suggests that if you’re well-prepared, it should take somewhere between 1 and 3 person-years to get it to a reasonably functional state. Good luck.

Learn to weld. Learn to build in brick, or stone, and build something useful. Learn to garden, and set up a vegetable patch. Learn to farm, and set up a homestead.

Take up meditation. Teach meditation. Honor the gods with service, with prayer, with sacrifice, or with all three. Honor worthy humans. Honor worthy animals. Do works of charity. Feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and give medical care to the sick, either directly or by giving money. Get into effective altruism, or get into debating the merits of effective altruism. Become active in local politics.

Do any or all of these things and a thousand others. Some require money, or an able body. Some require both, and some require neither. Some require particular natural talents, and some can be done by anyone who’s willing to put in the time and effort, and who’s capable of reading this post in the first place.

And play AAA computer games as well, if that’s your thing. But if the average cost-per-hour of those games, multiplied by the number of hours per month you’re spending on them, is a meaningful burden on your finances, the odds that how much AAA games cost is your biggest problem — or is even on the same order of magnitude as your biggest problem — are low indeed.

“Without reasonably-priced AAA games, gamers won’t survive!”

What the fuck kinda bitch-ass brainlet take is that, nobody’s saying that, we’re too busy buying indie games and AA Japanese games that don’t blow their entire budget on crunch and marketing.

If anything we WANT AAA games to finally die so we can shit on EA’s grave

Are you feeling kind of down right now? It’s not your fault that you forgot what baby cheetahs look like. Really. One time I did too.





But now you recall!

Look! Look!

They loves to play!


Their head is just one giant ball of floof!

I can’t even

How do they live? Being so cuTE??


This has been a PSA. Baby cheetahs are everything good and pure in this world. Please imagine petting the floof head. Please feel better.

For anyone who needs this.

Also, when they are a little older, they have full-body mohawks!

I honestly needed this.

February 03 2018





I was on the subway today, and when the train got delayed, this little kid was like, “fuck,” and a literal chorus of grown-ups went: “HEY.”

let him say fuck

I was at a crossing once and a kid’s dad said ‘and we have to wait for the green man’ and the 30 people on this crossing all stood waiting for the green man just to prove to this kid that that’s what you do. I’ve never seen anyone wait for the green man on this crossing before you just go when its clear. But Everyone Waited. 

It takes a village to raise a child.

February 02 2018



It’s sad how much of what is taught in school is useless to over 99% of the population.

There are literally math concepts taught in high school and middle school that are only used in extremely specialized fields or that are even so outdated they aren’t used anymore!

I took calculus my senior year of high school, and I really liked the way our teacher framed this on the first day of class.

He asked somebody to raise their hand and ask him when we would use calculus in our everyday life. So one student rose their hand and asked, “When are we going to use this in our everyday life?”

“NEVER!!” the teacher exclaimed. “You will never use calculus in your normal, everyday life. In fact, very few of you will use it in your professional careers either.” Then he paused. “So would you like to know why should care?”

Several us nodded.

He picked out one of the varsity football players in the class. “You practice football a lot during the week, right Tim?” asked the teacher.

“Yeah,” replied Tim. “Almost every day.”

“Do you and your teammates ever lift weights during practice?”

“Yeah. Tuesdays and Thursdays we spend a lot of practice in the weight room.”

“But why?” asked the teacher. “Is there ever going to be a play your coach tells you use during a game that requires you to bench press the other team?”

“No, of course not.”

“Then why lift weights?”

“Because it makes us stronger,” said Tim.

“Bingo!!” said the teacher. “It’s the same thing with calculus. You’re not here because you’re going to use calculus in your everyday life. You’re here because calculus is weightlifting for your brain.”

And I’ve never forgotten that.

February 01 2018

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If Kirby can learn to be happy on American boxart in 2018 then you can learn to be happy in 2018

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image image image image

the four horsemen of the apocalypse





Okay, you need to make sure you play this game at some point. Maybe not today or anything, because you’ll need about thirty minutes and a serious willingness to understand how it works, but - it’s so worth it. It’s basically an answer to our occasional frustration - why do assholes always come out on top? - and the beautiful thing about it is that not only does it explain how that happens, but also how we can change it.

“In the short run, the game defines the players. But in the long run, it’s us players who define the game.”

This is fascinating if you’re into math or sociology or computer programming or all of the above.

Everyone, everywhere, without exception, should play this thing through.

Don’t check just this - check out all of Nicky Case’s work. They’re a brilliant creator and I heavily recommend checking out at least one of their projects.  Their website can be found here.

Parable of the Polygons - an interactive experiment that shows how tiny individual biases can collectively cause segregation on a massive scale.

To Build a Better Ballot - an interactive experiment that shows the alternatives to the voting systems we currently use and how they can be more representative and democratic, along with their faults.

Coming Out Simulator - a short interactive story/novel about coming out, based off of Case’s own experiences. Not one I’ve played myself but still one I can recommend.

Loopy - a very simple but useful tool to show how systems interact with each other and how things can self-propagate.

We Become What We Behold - “ a game about news cycles, vicious cycles, infinite cycles.“ A short five-minute game about news and media. Warnings for violence, blood, death and stress.






A sudden, terrifying thought

When you see an animal with its eyes set to the front, like wolves, or humans, that’s usually a predator animal.

If you see an animal with its eyes set farther back, though—to the side—that animal is prey.

Now look at this dragon.

See those eyes?

They’re to the SIDE.

This raises an interesting—and terrifying—question.

What in the name of Lovecraft led evolution to consider DRAGONS…


I know this isn’t part of my blogs theme but like this is interesting

@owldork1998 @nyodrite @cassandrasdreamworld

The Gods

More terrifying question:

What creature, aside from humans, hunted DRAGONS?

January 31 2018


reminder to any adults following me: dont forget to pay that bill

reminder to young adults following me: dont forget to drink water and take your medication if you have it

reminder to kids following me: dont forget to feed your dog and dont take your time for granted

reminder to babies following me: learn to read bitch

8730 c984



I shit you not, the guy who made this show (oh, and “The Man Show”) thinks “PC culture” is “killing art” and is making a documentary film with Tim Allen literally entitled “No Safe Spaces.”

Did a single person find this guy’s stuff funny who wasn’t either very, very high or very very five years old?

Adam Carolla, lying awake in bed: “It’s just that these damn LIBERALS don’t know what ARTISTIC FREEDOM is all about!!!”

The stained and tattered remains of the “special ed” Crank Yanker puppet, as usual, say nothing.

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Do me a favor and reblog this. Jehovah’s Witnesses are a high control cult most known for their door to door evangelicalism work. Recently, they have been outed for their backward “two witnesses” policy that allows abusers and pedophiles to stay in places of power in their congregation and abuse others.

Do not open your door to them, do not stop at their witnessing carts, do not read their publications, do not interact with them. As well as being complicit in thousands of child abuse cases, they are a cult that uses mind control tactics and fearmongering to keep their members isolated from the rest of the world and reality of what their cult is doing to them. They are dangerous and interacting with them is dangerous.





I know OP personally and they’ve told me a lot about this and i cannot stress enough how serious of a matter this is. please spread awareness about this!!

I’d add Jehovah’s Witnesses to my list, but they’ve been there for a while now.

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I gazed into the abyss, and the abyss gazed back




I had a dream last night that the new hot meme was editing silver metallic balloons shaped like letters that said “BIG FUCK” into the background of gifs/photographs. And it became this a contest among editors to see who could make the most realistic balloon edit. Like ppl would be putting them in the background of a gif and having them sway in the wind and giving them shadows. So there were just a ton of pictures that were completely normal except somewhere in the background there was “BIG FUCK”



I’ve had a couple friends request Big_Fuck.png so here you go:

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the dvd and blu-ray covers are one of the more underrated jokes that the poptepipic anime has brought into existence, imo


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As the ancient Hawaiians used to say…”

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at first glance i misread that as ‘there’s nothing you can do’ and the confusion and fear i felt was indescribable

i saw that too

fixed it

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